Suntex is established in October 2005. Before the establishment the management team has already accumulated 27 years of industrial experiences: As Chang Hua branch of Nong Yun Texture Co. (1978 ~ 1991) to dependently establish Jian Xin Texture Co. (1989). The company is always as the main raw material supplier for many garment and hosiery factories in Chang Hua area and also joint develop textile products with them.

During 1996 to 1999 SEK antibacterial deodorant processing started getting popular in Japan, Jian Xin foresaw the future market demand and was also aware of the dye bottleneck of chemical plating technology, which is not 100% natural but was widely used in Europe and the United States. Thus, the company invested several millions research funding to joint develop the sputtering technology with Taiwan Textile Research Institute. During the process we provided our several years accumulated practical experiences and raw materials knowledge for Taiwan Textile Research Institute to do the academic experiments. In 2004, we successfully developed the natural, non-toxic and strong antibacterial silver fiber. In 2005, the company decided to concentrate our business in productionizing silver fiber and established Suntex. From 1978 until now, the management team always hold sincerity and quality as our company philosophy and focus on the area of yarn materials.

Except our hit product “Taiwan Silver Fiber“ we also provide common Filament, Staple fiber, high quality blended and functional yarn products made by qualified MIT (Made in Taiwan) manufacturers.

We provide development of yarn materials and OEM service, our channels are across Taiwan, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

Suntex is always committed to provide high quality and outstanding service and to keep our promise on sustainability. We definitely will be your best choice of cooperation partner.

Company Information

No.26, Ln. 138, Fuxing Rd., Shetou Township, Changhua County 511, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 08:30 am ~12:00 pm and 13:30 pm ~17:30 pm.

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