Silver Fiber Series

“Taiwan Silver Fiber“ is a natural, toxic-free and high functional yarn material produced by high-tech vacuum sputtering. It can effectively sterilize and deodorize within 30 minutes and has thermal insulating, anti-static and washable specifics. It is suitable for all kinds of blended designs.

Handmade Fabrics

The handmade fabrics are made from safe, healthy and natural yarn. It has great dyeability and is suitable for plant and handmade dyes. The various semi-finished products are also available, e.g. caps, scarfs, oversleeves, hosieries etc.

Handmade yarn catalogue

Home & furniture fabrics

There’re plenty of styles originally designed by our designers, from simple & plain, natural & comfortable to luxury & elegant etc. Several hundreds styles are available and may apply for sofa covers, curtains, wall-hangings, cloth for hotels and public spaces, customized tablecloth, pillows and hand bags.

Textile Yarn

※ The percentage of blended yarn could be customized.

Far-Infrared Fiber

It can expedite blood circulation and metabolism to activate body functions. Water wash will not decrease the function of fabrics, thus it is an optimal material for thermal cloth.

Perspiration Fiber

This fabric is made from cross-section fiber. With bigger surface area of fiber, the fabric can quickly absorb sweat and moisture from skin and spread it out for easier evaporation. Its “quick dry” function can keep the skin clean and dry.

Anti-UV Fiber

It can effectively shields the skin from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays to reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Cool Plus Fiber

Cool plus fiber contents various ore powders. The specifics of this type are slow heat absorption and quick thermal dissipation. It can effectively lower the skin temperature to keep a comfortable and cooling feeling.