Innovation ‧ Tradition A New Striking Spark of Textile Industry and High-Tech

Traditional Industry.Innovative Technology

“Taiwan Silver Fiber” is an innovative silver fiber material, which is joint-developed and produced by Suntex and Taiwan Textile Research Institute. Its high performance and steady quality have passed the American NAMSA ISO 10993 biological test. The result shows its function is superior to the general textile products in the market and it is an epoch-making healthy fiber material.

Vacuum Sputtering Technology.Green Technology

“Taiwan Silver Fiber” utilizes the high-tech sputtering technology. During the sputtering process, the vacuum motor is adopted to control the even distribution of the silver molecules and to prevent spilling and splashing. With few materials and low energy to produce it in a non-polluted and highly clean environment without causing any


Thermal insulation, antibacterial and deodorant, environmentally friendly, anti-static

Taiwan Silver Fiber can effectively restrain the growth of bacteria within 30 minutes. Its antibacterial efficacy has passed the American NAMSA ISO 10993 biological test. It is washable, deodorant and anti-static. The application fields include – Antibacterial medical clothing, leisure clothing and sportswear, children and baby clothing, underwear, shoe materials, hosieries, beddings, medical protectors, pet products, automotive interior materials and antibacterial filter materials.