A New Antibacterial And Sensible Material


A New Antibacterial And Sensible Material

Taiwan silver fiber adopts an exclusive sputtering process to maximize the performance and quality of silver, while retaining the original texture of cotton fabric. It’s an epoch-making fiber material!

Taiwan silver fiber has strong antibacterial properties and anti-static effect. Starting from the initial medical applications in bandages, gauze, and surgical gowns to military application in field troops clothing, etc. With the advancement of textile production technique, it is now extending to the day-to-day textile products of the general public.

Having passed the NAMSA ISO 10993 biological antibacterial test, incorporating Sun Tex Textile's decade-long textile experience, and by adopting Taiwan silver fiber, your brand will open up new markets and opportunities!


A New Trend In The Post-epidemic Era,

Today, people attach incomparable value to health.

To shield against the invisible viruses and bacteria, from bodywear to everyday cleaning fabrics, the first priority is upgrading our protection ability.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Taiwan silver fiber has gained more visibility.

Having strong antibacterial properties and anti-static effect, Taiwan silver fiber is widely used in the production of face masks and bodywear, exporting to Japan and European countries, and has become the frontline guardian of personal health.

We are expecting further developments and more applications built on Taiwan silver fiber to provide inside out protection.


A New Post-epidemic Prevention Trend

Hippocrates, the "father of medicine" in ancient Greece, mentioned in his research literature that silver ions and its compounds can reveal toxicity to some bacteria and viruses, but with properties almost harmless to the human body.

In the 14th century BC, the Phoenicians in Mediterranean city-states used silver bottles to contain water, wine and vinegar to prevent spoilage.

In the early 20th century, people used to put silver coins in milk to prolong its freshness.

In World War I when antibiotics were not yet invented, silver had already been used in medical treatment to prevent infection.

With the progress of textile production technique, and the strong antibacterial and deodorant properties, silver has been extended from its initial medical application in bandages, gauze, and surgical gowns to military application in field troops clothing, etc., and finally, to the present day-to-day textile products of the general public.

Deodorant and antibacterial effect & launderability
The biological activity of silver ions utilized by "Taiwan Silver Fiber" is able to inhibit the growth of odor-producing bacteria and mold as quick as less than 30 minutes. The warmer and more humid the environment, the more effective this feature becomes. Its antibacterial effect can even last after 300 rounds of washings.
Heat insulation & optimal adaptation
Silver ions have optimal thermodynamic properties. In summer, its conductivity can dissipate heat quickly, while in winter, they can insulate the heat emitted from the body. This gives the silver fiber products produced from "Taiwan Silver Fiber" a good temperature regulating effect.
Anti-static & electrical potential balance
Of all the metals, silver possesses the highest conductivity. The silver ions contained in "Taiwan Silver Fiber" are able to prevent discomfort by quickly dissipating and releasing the static electricity generated from friction.
Test items Test results Test standard
Escherichia coli (ATCC8739) Bacterial reduction rate>99.88% AATCC 100-2004
Bacterium pyocyaneum (ATCC10145) Bacterial reduction rate>99.93% AATCC 100-1999
Bacillus pneumoniae (ATCC4352) Bacterial reduction rate>99.31% AATCC 100-1999
Candida albicans (ATCC18814) Bacterial reduction rate>99.90% AATCC 100-1999
Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC6538P) Sterilization value>3.1 JIS L 1902-1998 (quantitative method)

Exclusive sputtering technique

Vacuum pump-controlled cutting-edge sputtering technique avoids leakage and splashing by an even distribution of silver molecules. It is produced under pollution-free and high degree clean environment, without producing a single drop of waste water by using minimum raw materials and energy, and persistently adhering to environmental protection and non-toxic practices.

Its high performance, quality stability, and functionality exceed ordinary fabrics in the market, topping as an epoch-making healthy raw fiber material.

Fiber fabric
Vacuum sputtering
Deposition modeling
Drawnwork end product
Table of comparison between exclusive vacuum sputtering and commercial silver fiber processing techniques
Process technique Advantages Disadvantages
Vacuum sputtering method Strong bonding force between metal and fabric;
No sewage treatment problems;
High product quality;
Multi-metal mixing function design; Highly clean production environment.
Higher equipment cost
Evaporation method Simple process;
Convenient production;
No sewage treatment;
Fast production speed.
Low bonding force between metal and fabric; High temperature processing environment; More restrictions of raw material.
Synthesized spinning method Better textile design and manufacturability Numerous manufacturing procedures; Severe industrial wastewater problem; Unqualified clean production principle; Weaker quality control, More impact on the original physical properties of the fabric; Stricter restriction on metal ingredients;
Synthesized spinning method Better textile design and manufacturability Unable to reach high silver concentration ratio lest it should affect the spinnability; Liable to fiber discoloration; Dispersion of silver particle difficult to overcome

Application Area

Antibacterial medical apparel

The medical staff and hospitalized patients are constantly under the threat of a host of potential crises, such as germ infection, contamination and infiltration of blood or toxic liquid. To reduce the infection rate, strict quality requirements and manufacturing specifications are imposed on many fabrics in medical institutions, from selection of raw materials to the safety and hygiene of the production environment, especially the medical standards compliance regarding the types and grades of antibacterial medical apparel.

Verified by the US NAMSA ISO 10993 biological test for its antibacterial technique of medical grade standard, Taiwan silver fiber can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, effectively reduce health-detrimental diseases by inhibiting bacterial infections, and minimizing the infection rate in the medical environment.

End use
  • Antibacterial medical apparel
  • Surgical gowns and caps
  • Appliance lining cloth
Casual sportswear

The rise of slow living lifestyle awareness in recent years has brought the emergence of a new stress-releasing trend of biking and jogging. People are now beginning to expect more from sportswear: from lightness and maneuverability to tailor-made sportswear of various weaving and tailoring designs. Functional sportswear with cool, ventilating, antibacterial and deodorant features are the keys to stimulating customers' consumption intention to pursue more comfort, stricter sanitation, and higher functional products.

Taiwan silver fiber can effectively inhibit bacteria and odor within half an hour, avoiding the disturbing sweat odor caused by exercise. The good thermal conductivity of silver can help adjust body temperature, allowing athletes to greatly improve the sense of comfort while stretching their limbs!

End use
  • Outdoor sportswear
  • Footwear
Infants & children’s clothing

Health of the baby is always parents' topmost concern. For that, they are willingly to pay any cost. The thin stratum corneum, not well-regulated body temperature, and the tender skin of infants and babies are fragile and sensitive to external environment and climate changes. Therefore, the natural and non-irritating ingredients for daily necessities and emphasis on the antibacterial clothing in direct contact with the baby are pursued in extreme high degree, for the purpose of making the first protective screen against sweat, allergy and other damage.

Manufactured in a highly clean environment, Taiwan silver fiber is composed of natural, non-toxic, and pollution-free ingredients with antibacterial function that meets medical standards. Clothing made of Taiwan silver fiber provides tender care and the best protection for baby skin.

End use
  • Infant and children's hats, clothes
  • Baby bed cover/mattress

Our body is wrapped in clothes for most of the day in an almost zero distance. The long hours contact of underwear with private parts, even with daily changing and cleaning, can cause itching or discomfort by bacteria resulting from tightness and air impenetrability, especially after long sitting and sweating.

Here is an experiment-proven fact about Taiwan silver fiber yarn: maintaining personal hygiene with long-term antibacterial effect even after 300 rounds of washing. The underwear provides intimate skin care of the private parts and reduces the occurrence of infection and odor.

End use
  • Bodywear
  • Sleepwear

Other recommended application items also include...

Bedding textile products
Health-care protection gears
Pet supplies
Interior decorative materials for vehicles
Antibacterial filter material

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