SunTex Textile

Focusing on Integrity & Quality

SunTex Textile

Focusing on Integrity & Quality

SunTex Textile management team has always adhered to the management philosophy of integrity and quality stability, and concentrating on the raw yarn field.

During the period of 1996-1999 when SEK anti-bacterial and deodorant processing became popular in Japan, SunTex Textile foresaw the upcoming market demand, and found that the chemical electroplating technique used in European and US textile industries was not 100% natural, in addition to the bottleneck existing in the dyeing process.

Therefore, a collaborative R&D between SunTex Textile and Taiwan Textile Research Institute of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs started to come up with a sputtering technique different from the unnatural electroplating used in Europe and US.

SunTex Textile provided its knowledge of textile materials and practical experience accumulated over long years, to facilitate the academic experiments conducted by the Taiwan Textile Research Institute.

The result was a natural, non-toxic silver fiber material with strong antibacterial resistance finally developed in 2004.

In 2005, the Company decided to shift its focus to the productization of silver fiber.

Therefore, SunTex Textile was established.

We deliver our promises.

An excellent MIT manufacturer

Prior to establishing SunTex Textile, our management team had already accumulated 27 years of profound industry experience. To date, in addition to the development and promotion of the excellent antibacterial Taiwan silver fiber, SunTex Textile follows its tradition as the main supplier of raw material for many garment and sock factories in Changhua area, and will continue as a cooperating partner to develop fabric products. The R&D and OEM of long and short fibers, high-quality blended yarns, and functional yarns commonly seen in the market are also within the service scope of our production team. SunTex Textile's global distribution channel extends from Taiwan to Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Our management team has always adhered to the management philosophy of integrity and quality stability by focusing solely on the field of raw yarn.

Committed to being your best partner, SunTex Textile will continue to pursue high-quality, optimal service and sustainable management.

Our service includes

Handmade yarn
Made of safe and healthful natural material yarn, handmade yarn has good color absorption, and is suitable for plant and hand dyeing. It comes with a variety of handmade semi-finished products such as hats, scarves, sleeves, socks, stockings, etc.
Household furnishing cloth series
Hundreds of original patterns designed by our dedicated designers, from simplicity, natural comforts, bright liveliness, to noble elegance, can be applied to sofa, curtain cloth, window screen cloth, wall coverings, hotel and public space cloth, as well as custom-made tablecloths, throw pillows, handbags, etc.
Textile yarn
Far infrared yarn
A supremely ideal material for warmth keeping and heat retaining, far infrared yarn can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, activate physiological functions, and will not diminish its functions with washing.Perspiration yarn
Heteromorphic cross sections design is employed due to the larger surface area of the fiber. Its "moisture absorption and quick drying" functions keep the skin dry by utilizing the capillary action. It can quickly absorb sweat and moisture on the skin and disperse to the textile surface for fast evaporation.UV resistant yarn
The anti-ultraviolet fibers effectively block two harmful ultraviolet: UV-A and UV-B, reducing the occurrence of suntan or skin lesions. *For customized blending proportion of yarn, please contact us for detailed information.
Silver fiber series
"Taiwan Silver Fiber" is a natural, non-toxic, high-functional yarn material made by high-tech vacuum sputtering technique. Being capable of effective sterilization and deodorization in less than 30 minutes, and featuring heat preservation, anti-static, and washing resistance, Taiwan silver fiber is suitable for various composite spinning processing and design.
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Taiwan Silver Fiber

A new antibacterial and sensible material